Finding Australia’s Top Wildlife Tours

Finding Australia’s top wildlife tours. Here’s what you need to know

Wildlife tours are super fun. They’re a great way to see the world and meet people. In the past, tours were synonymous with camera-clicking holidaymakers and big buses racing through a destination on a pricey vacation. But that idea of vacations being expensive and bad is an outdated perception. Today, tours are eco-friendly, affordable, enjoyable, customizable, and locally-based. In this guide, we share some tips on how to find the best wildlife tour company in Australia.

Research the costs

Look for value, not price. If you’re on a budget, aim for a competitive price, not the lowest price. With tour companies, what you pay for might not be what you get. Some companies charge too much, while others offer the best value for your money. So, ask how your money will be spent. Then determine if you’ll really get a more personal and bespoke experience. You want a wildlife safari tour company that gives you an amazing experience and is honest with their pricing.

Check their reputation

Look for online reviews on TripAdvisor. See whether other travellers or vacationers enjoyed their time. A company may claim to be the best in wildlife tours Australia, but that may not be true. Therefore, before you book, it’s important to learn the truth by seeing what other travellers are saying. However, not all reviews are factual. Take them with a grain of salt. When you check reviews first, you’ll better shape your opinion and colour your judgement about a company you’re looking at.

Get local guides

Guides can make your trip a major success or a complete failure. Some young kid or non-local or non-expert may not know the location quite well. In addition, they might not explain everything to you and keep everything going on smoothly. Therefore, make sure the wildlife company uses experienced, local guides. Born-and-bred locals have travel experience, know the local language, know the destination, and know lifesaving and vehicle maintenance techniques.

Safety record

A wildlife safari should be safe, not risky. If safety is not guaranteed, then it’s better to cancel the trip. There’s no point losing a limb or life under the pretence that you were maximizing your tour. Fortunately, you can have a good time on your vacation if you hire a company with a good safety record. Just make sure the tour company is accredited, registered, and follows all the safety requirements.

Group size

Wildlife tour companies with small groups are more mindful of you and the environment. They make sure you get the best experience by offering more interactive tours that are friendly to the environment and beneficial to the locals, such as whale watching. Besides, it’s much easier to meet and interact with people in a small group of 12 travellers than a large one of 60 travellers. It all comes down to your preferences. So, decide whether you prefer the en mass approach or a small group tour.

With these tips in mind, you can get an Australian wildlife safari company that is inexpensive, customer-centric, and provides local guides. These qualities make for a memorable trip.

Indian Wildlife & Tourism – It Seems To Be True

The tiger is India’s most majestic and charismatic animal; unfortunately, it is severely endangered due to poaching. The demand for tiger parts in China and other Asian countries is fast depleting the population in India. But the tiger still survives in the tiger reserves and National Parks of India.

The animal attracts a very large number of Indian tourists and foreign nationals. The inbound tourism is increasing day by day due to the popularity of the tiger and other endemic animals. Tiger safari in the country is a burgeoning industry. The popular tiger reserves have seen a spontaneous rise in tourism infrastructure. The numbers of wildlife resorts and hotels have grown up dramatically.

Besides the tiger, India is home to the Asiatic lion, the only surviving species in the Gir National Park of Gujarat, India. As compared to tiger safaris, lion safaris are less popular since Africa is a more popular destination for watching Lions. Another keystone species that attracts visitors is the one-horned rhinoceros found in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India. The tiger reserve is home to wild elephants as well. The best place for watching Indian wild elephants is the Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal state.

Wild elephants and many endemic species such as Nilgiri langur, the Lion, tailed macaque, and wild goats can be seen in the parks of South India. The Salim Ali WLS and biosphere reserve and Periyar National Park in Kerala are popular tourism centers in Southern India. Kerala and the Western Ghats are home to many endemic bird species and bird watching tours are very popular. There are many tour operator packages that offer guided birding in South. There are many popular birding spots in Southern India.

In the North, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary offers sightings of more than two hundred species including winter visitors in a short trip. Likewise, birding is getting popular in Western India in the state of Gujarat. Some of the popular birding destinations there are the Little Rann of Kutch, Velavadar, Dasada and Gir National Park.

There are many parks and sanctuaries in India. These protected areas offer magnificent wildlife watching as they are home to endemic and rare species. The best way to travel for wildlife tourism in the country is to join a package tour. The top tour operators offer packages which cater to many destinations.

Traveling in group tours organized by the wildlife tour operators is the easiest travel option. In packaged tours, all arrangements are made by the organizer. Traveling in a group is safe and comfortable in India.

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